Patent & Collaboration

Partnering with another major business has always been a goal of mine to initially get the “ball rolling”, and start to build a skill set based on others success of how to go about commercially working a new product into areas of consumer markets.

This means that I needed a few things

  • ABN – Australian Business Number, The ABN is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your business or organisation to the government and community.


  • UAV Licence – In order to fly a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) aka Drone / UAV legally in Australia for commercial purpose or gain you will need to obtain certification from CASA.
  •  Patent/IP Protection – TO secure the idea/prototype of the device and register it according to the category/tests conducted. Here I will also consider the idea of having an attorney that will deal with the legal side of this process.


These processes will allow the field testing phases of the application to the RMS to begin as a practise. Using this working prototype and gaining the results we’ve gathered from the tests. These are necessary theory components in which i’m completing to (for at least the start) become the pilot for this stakeholder. The ABN will tie in nicely for the business if the LookUp becomes a product other services, individuals or projects seem it fit, I can start the contract process.

Lastly, I’ve thought about continuously improving the product. This means more collaboration from competitive product suppliers to keep up to date on the latest, best quality and most accessible equipment on the market. It also opens up the opportunity for collaboration with a whole new product. I wanted to approach Samsung Australia, about perhaps cutting a deal with them and their new product the Gear 360. I emailed them, however, they don’t have a section for general enquiries, so in the near future I’m aiming to head to their Sydney main store and perhaps have talks with or book a meeting with ‘Higher Ups’ of the company and seek possible interest in creating a specific device.


Improvement and development is huge for this type of project, and something that, for the RMS application, wasn’t necessary was GPS navigation and assistance along with collision avoidance technology. This is something I’ve looked further into and found that if indeed other potential stakeholders or even new-flying pilots at the RMS, are interested in can arrange for that to be implemented on future or the current device.







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