Using the “Look Up” to Look Down

The “Look Up” was initially built to film a 180 degree vertical space above the aircraft in 360 degrees so the viewer could have a free look around the underneath of a bridge. This would help with inspections and revolutionise the industry with an innovative model of digital documentation with this particular assembly of products. However, in recent days I’ve changed the game of drone flight and attached a mount for the 360Fly HD Camera.

This makes the “Look Up’ prototype now almost ready for an unlimited commercial market. I’ve given the user extra control to view a space below the quadcopter or above in a matter of seconds.

An awesome possibility is that if the individual had 2 360fly cameras, they could simultaneously be filming then the footage merged into a video of the same flight.

Take a look at my first attempt to create a visually aesthetic video with the camera mounted to the underneath of the drone filming down.


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